How to Import a Show from Another Provider

Importing your show from another provider is extremely simple.

Step 1: Create a Show

Even though you are importing your existing show from another provider, Podtrics needs a place to put the show once imported. To create a new show, follow our guide on How to Create a Show.

Step 2: Click the Import Button

Click the blue import button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Paste Your Feed Link

Once you clicked the blue import button, a pop up will appear asking you to paste your existing podcast’s feed link into a text box. Once you’ve pasted your feed link, click the blue Begin Import button.

Anchor Customers: Please use the RSS Feed Link and not the webpage provided by anchor. 

Do not use

Step 4: Import in Progress

Once you’ve clicked the blue Begin Import button, you will receive a message stating that your import has been created. You will receive an email once Podtrics has successfully imported your entire show.

Note: Depending on the number of episodes being imported, this process can take several hours.

Note: Podtrics only supports importing mp3 and m4a audio files.

Note: Be sure to ask your current provider about feed forwarding. People subscribed to the feed from the other provider will need a way to find the new feed.

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