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Getting Started

Starting a podcast can be both a both excited and daunting task if you don’t know where to start. This article is aimed to guide you through some key considerations when starting a new podcast.

Have a Plan

Like many undertakings, one of the most important things you should do when starting a podcast is to have a plan of attack. What story do you want to tell? While it may be a fun idea to sit down with your friends and hit record, without some form of a plan you will eventually lose traction. Don’t overthink it. Having a brief outline of what topics you want to cover can provide you the direction you need to be successful.

Do You Want a Co-Host

A podcast having multiple hosts is a common occurrence. While this is not a requirement to get started, having a co-host can make podcasting easier for you and more engaging to your listeners. The natural back and forth dialog in a conversation can spark interest from the listener that is difficult to duplicate by a single host.

On the flip side, being a solo host can just as engaging as having a co-host. Ultimately, it depends on what you want to do and what you think your listeners will best respond to.

Have an Identity

This one is important. Every great podcast has a name, and more importantly, a unique identity. What you chose to call your podcast will set your listeners expectations and assumptions about what your podcast is about. You’ll want to ensure that your podcast’s name is related to the conversations you have when talking with your co-host or guests.

While this is an important decision, be sure to have some fun with it. A creative name can be a great asset.

Podcast Format

Most podcasts follow a similar format or flow from episode to episode. Doing so creates a sense of consistency for your listeners and makes your job easier as the host planning future episodes.

Some questions to answer when create your format are:

  • How long is a typical podcast episode? This is just a rough estimate and can change from time to time.
  • Does each podcast episode start? How does it end?
  • Do you follow the same flow every podcast episode? Or do you switch it up every so often? What is the goal of that specific episode?

Theme Music

Just like with your favorite Netflix show, a lot of podcasts have theme music. Theme music creates that sense of identity for your podcast. Every episode starting with the same music helps your listeners instantly recognize your podcast when they hear that music. It help solidify your podcast’s identity.


One thing you’ll need to get started podcasting is a microphone. You’ll find a lot of different microphones online varying in price from super cheap to exceptionally expensive. When you are just getting started podcasting, a simple microphone will do the trick.

Finally, once you’ve recorded your podcast episode, you need to upload your recording to a podcast hosting service like Podtrics. Podcast hosting services are where your podcast episode lives on the internet. Just like a website has a home on the internet, your podcast episodes need one too.

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