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Podtrics is excited to announce its partnership with Doorward, a Real Estate Technology company promoting Social Real Estate based in
St. Louis, Missouri.

Marc Beinder, Founder of Podtrics says, “My goal in this partnership is to work with Nate and his team at Doorward to create even better podcasting software to help content creators focus on staying creative.”

Podtrics believes that this partnership will foster close collaboration between Podtrics and Doorward, and in turn will create a tight feedback loop for features and functionality. By doing this we are not just improving Doorward’s Podtrics experience, but the experience for all creators who chose to use Podtrics to host their podcasts.

“Even though we’re a Real Estate Tech company, our show is for everyone!” says Nate LeBlanc, host of the Doorward Thinking Podcast. “By partnering with a podcasting innovator like Podtrics, we hope our show and our company’s values will be heard by as many people as possible!”

For more information about Podtrics, visit Podtrics.com or email [email protected]

For more information about Doorward, visit Doorward.com or email [email protected]

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